6 eLearning trends for a successful online learning experience

Posted On Apr 13, 2022 |

Interactivity and participation are keys for the e-Learning programs.

6 eLearning trends for a successful online learning experience

Interactivity and participation are keys for the e-Learning programs.

Electronic textbooks, mobility, and augmented learning have made learning more user-centric. All of these trends will continue in the next few years as research projects show that more people are choosing to have a high level of interactivity and participation in their online learning experience.

1-Mobile Learning

In 2020, mobile learning will become an industry standard, and every learner should have access to an interactive mobile app. Applications for most apps will include text, images, video, and information-rich content. The use of real-time events such as weather reports, traffic alerts, and other real-time contextual information will be available in real-time and near instantaneously as students are working on assignments or tests.


Microlearning will rise, and the use of audio, visual, and kinesthetic components will become more common and more integrated with other elements of the learning process. Microlearning will include small, 1-to-1 private tuition sessions that will be open to a large number of learners at once, making it possible for educators to link components and form new knowledge as they move through the course. It will be possible to respond to students and offer feedback to help them get the most out of their learning.

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3-Inclusive Mapping

In the future, students will be able to map their locations and knowledge from all environments, including online, in person, real-life and virtual environments. This will be done with geospatial technologies and start-to-finish mapping at the individual level. For example, students can create, share, and study maps of all locations from the comfort of their homes and offices in addition to the traditional classroom setting.

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4-More Interactive Video

In 2020, we will see more interactive videos. In this virtual space, there will be a transition from passive video content and static presentations to interactive ones that allow for interaction and customization. Interactivity will enhance learning by sharing discoveries and sharing ideas, photos, and videos. This is another way that real-time and virtual experiences are similar, and this will allow teachers to develop interactive learning programs and video tutorials.

5-Augmented Reality

We will continue to evolve face-to-face methods. We will now include music and interactive technology to expand interactive opportunities. Here, an Augmented Reality experience allows participants to move their hands through a virtual environment while being identified with the on-screen character. This will enhance personalized learning through body movements, expressions, and voice recognition.

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6-Mobile Apps

To make learning more personalized, more apps will be released to use. We will also continue to develop apps to support various topics in higher education, such as social media. This will provide an avenue for students to provide educational content or interactivity to instructors.

Today, the education market is dominated by traditional learning methods. The study of online education and multimedia learning strategies has led to the development of high learner engagement and immersion concepts that are driving the next generation of online learning strategies. Both groups agree that the goals of high learner engagement and immersion need to be reinforced through a continual development process, while also ensuring that the goals are set and realistic for the industry.

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