Create Your Virtual Set Quickly, Easily, and Professionally. A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Learn how to create a virtual set in a practical and easy way. You just need to know the basics of Photoshop, Premiere, and vMix.
 The tutor, Martha (Ines) Orozco, will show you step-by-step how to:
1-Install and illuminate a green screen. 2-Create a virtual set from a pre-designed image. 3-Configuration of the set in the vMix platform.
So you can transmit your presentations more originally and professionally.


This course contains 3 chapters:
1-INSTALLATION AND LIGHTING OF THE CHROMA KEY: how to install and light a Green Screen in your home or office.    
2-DESIGN AND CREATION OF THE VIRTUAL SET: how to create a virtual set from an image already pre-designed in Photoshop.

3-SET CONFIGURATION IN V-MIX: how to insert the virtual set into this platform. 
-Lessons: 31    
-Time: 40 minutes
-Additional resources: 5 files (1 UV Map, 3 free virtual sets, and 1 study document)  
-Available: PC, iPad, and smartphone
-Audio: English
-Level: Basic /Beginner    
-Certificate: Upon completion of the course.

People who want to learn how to create their own virtual sets from scratch or a pre-designed image.

Also, to all the creators who are looking for originality, to know new possibilities of graphic designs, and to deepen in this technique of creating virtual sets based on a UV Map file.  


You don't need to be a professional, just know the basics of Photoshop or After Effects, as well as the vMix platform.    

You will need a pre-designed virtual set file and a UV Map file.  

Martha will show you how to do the XML configuration with the free Notepad ++ application. 



Martha (Ines) Orozco

Hi, I am Martha (Ines) Orozco, for more than 25 years I worked in the television industry in the United States, behind and in front of the cameras on Hispanic networks such as Univision, Telemundo, Discovery Channel, and Televisa. For the past 5 years, I have been an executive producer for Vídeo40, an agency in Miami, specializing in producing and recording educational videos and video lessons for schools, universities, and businesses.

We were also forced to make the transition to the virtual world; adapting to the current times of remote work and study through the implementation of resources and new digital tools for audiovisual production. The flexibility of technology provides us with opportunities to access powerful and practical tools to create high-quality content ourselves. So, cheer up and let your imagination fly to start creating your own virtual set.

Course Price

What are you buying?  

Unlimited access to the different chapters of the course, lessons, informative texts, and additional resources.
Unlimited access to the course for one year of service.      
Access to the course community where you can share experiences with the teacher and other students.        

NOTE: The purchase of the course is non-refundable. You can download the study document and work files.  


$60 USD


Number of Lessons: 31 -Study time: 40 minutes -Additional resources to download: 5 files (1 UV Map, 3 free virtual sets, and 1 study document)  

The course is available to study through a computer, iPad, or smartphone.

You set your schedule. Enjoy learning from home or wherever you are without a fixed schedule.    

Get a personalized certificate signed by your teacher at the end of the course. Share it in your portfolio, and on social media.

The course is designed for people with basic/beginner skills who handle the basics of Photoshop, After Effects, as well as video streaming platforms such as vMix or OBS Studio.

Video40 does not offer refunds of any fees or charges for the purchase of the course. However, you can submit an account review request if you feel your situation warrants an exception.